Guidelines for the Trails(Leave only Foot Prints, Take only Pictures)

Seven Ponds Nature Center is a very special place. It is a nature sanctuary, providing habitat   for a variety of living things. All plants and animals are protected. The nature center also serves as a peaceful retreat for its visitors. Here, a person can get away from some of the problems of our increasingly complex world, even if for only a little while. As you travel the nature center’s trails today, please remember:

  • Stay on the trails. Leaving the trail injures plants, disturbs animals, and destroys animal homes.
  • Walk slowly and quietly. You will increase your chances of observing animals and noticing wildflowers and other features.
  • Picking or collecting plants is prohibited. Leave everything where you found it for other visitors to enjoy.
  • Supervise children at all times.
  • Leave the nature center better than you found it. Pick up litter and return it to the building or your car for disposal.
  • Pets, horses, smoking, bikes, and motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trails.
  • There is no picnicking along the trails. Picnic tables are located adjacent to the nature center parking lot.
  • Hunting, fishing, or trapping is not allowed.
  • Leave only footprints, take only photographs and memories.
  • Return often. Each season has its own beauty, each moment is unique.