The Seven Ponds Nature Center Camera Club's purpose is to improve the photography of ALL its members. This is accomplished by two alternating meetings:

  • The first meeting of the month (1st Friday) features an instructive presentation. Speakers are chosen to present programs that cover a broad spectrum of interests to photographers. Then, images submitted by club members(general or from a specific assignment) the photographer would like to present. The audience is encouraged to comment on the images and offer suggestions and complements.
  • The second meeting of the month(3rd Friday) focuses on feedback through competitive evaluation. Monthly competitions are held at two levels (beginner & Advanced) in four digital categories: monochrome, color general, color creative, and nature. Judges, experienced photographers from the club judge each image not knowing the member or level the entry represents. The purpose is to offer insight on how the picture might be improved. Some high scoring images are submitted to the Greater Detroit Area Camera Council for regional competition.

In addition, as a help for new photographers, the club offers a mentoring program.

We have several experienced members who volunteer to help those new to photography.

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